Work at Home Jobs in Kentucky

I was looking for a work at home job to satisfy my desire to be an entrepreneur, a work at home job that I can grow and later pass it to my children, a work at home job that will give me more time and financial freedom to spend with my family and help others. I was introduced to many affiliate opportunities. One of them was SFI.

Three of the criteria that I require in a work at home job are: 1) low start up cost, 2) training tools, and 3) support. Cost should be low enough so anyone who desires to enter the business should be able to. Training tools must be available and simple to use. Having support right at the beginning is perhaps the top priority so a person can do the right things right from the start.

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Hi, my name is Long, and I live in Kentucky which is world-famous for its Kentucky Derby, its thoroughbred horses, its whiskeys and bourbons. Besides being second in the nation in growing tobacco, it also is gaining its share of automobile manufacturing from pick-up trucks and SUV's to 4-door sedans and heavy-duty trucks. Two famous American explorers, Lewis and Clark, stopped at many towns in Kentucky when they began their historic journey along the Ohio river. Kentucky's largest city, Louisville, is home to many world-renowned healthcare facilities. Its most famous native son is Muhammad Ali.

When I was young, our family had a beige Pekinese dog. Now I love fish as pets because they are quiet and very peaceful. I have two large aquariums where I keep several beautiful Koi fishes, comets and two plecos (algae eaters). My other hobbies include rare US coin and stamp collecting (especially state duck and fish stamps), gardening, growing exotic plants. I also enjoy fishing, watching college and professional sports, reading self-development books and fiction novels, and listening to music. Traveling and sight-seeing by car are also my pleasures.

SFI has four advantages: 1) low start up cost, 2) training tools, 3) support and 4) compensation plan. It doesn't cost anything to join SFI. Other services like Eagle co-op are available at a very reasonable price. SFI has lots of training tools and services. These tools are clear and very to use. SFI compensation plan is easy to understand and is periodically upgraded to provide more rewards to affiliates. Overall I think the best part of SFI is a Group Leader's support team. I am very fortunate to be part of the WAHT (Work-At-Home-Team) support group. Besides WAHT, I can rely on SFI's support group also.

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After a few years, I hope to have one of the largest network of affiliates in SFI, and that my business continues to grow with time and effort I put into it. I also will be able to share the rewards with members of my family so they can be in the business too. As the Internet continues to grow, I hope to take the business to other countries and build a substantial fortune for the future. With SFI continually improving its training tools and products, and my talented WAHT support team, I will have the means to achieve my goals.

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